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Using a very accurate mount like the AstroTrac TT320X isn't a guarantee in itself that your shots will be perfectly tracked. You need to ensure that your mount is correctly aligned with the sky, or "polar aligned" to unleash its full potential. The AstroTrac polar scope makes polar alignment a quick and easy process.The polar scope's precision glass reticule is marked for alignment with stars in the northern and southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, the polar scope is aligned on Polaris and an optional additional two stars. In the southern hemisphere, the polar scope is aligned on Epsilon Hydri and an optional additional two stars in Octans - Sigma and Chi Octantis. The TT320X-AG Instruction Manual gives full details of the polar alignment procedure.
Length 6 cm Height 25 cm
Width 15 cm Weight 0.2000


If you are shooting large, relatively bright objects, such as the Milky Way, aurorae of constellations, you don't need to polar align as precisely as you do for smaller, dimmer targets, which you would shoot with a telephoto lenses or a telescope. As a general rule, the polar scope allows you to polar align sufficiently for up to 5 minute exposures at 200 mm focal length. For longer focal lengths, it's advisable to drift align or use the TT320X-AG's built in autoguiding functionality.

AstroTrac PS-10 Polar Scope - BACKORDER



There's nothing more annoying than trying to aim a red torch at precisely the right angle down the polar scope tube without blinding yourself with red light. The built in illuminator shines red light onto the reticle markings helping you get polar aligned quickly and easily. And it's wireless too, running off two LR41 cells, so there's no cable to snag in the dark.The TT320X-AG's unique fold away polar scope arm enables you to position the polar scope clear of your equipment with sight of the alignment stars in the sky. For accurate polar alignment, the polar scope needs to be held parallel to the axis of rotation of the TT320X. The AstroTrac polar scope is secured flush with the polar arm by powerful magnets ensuring perfect alignment and ease of rotation.
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